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To help us improve your browsing experience on this website, Mood Sunglasses saves some cookies on your computer. As specifically described below, you can manage or block the recording of cookies. Otherwise, browsing will result in these cookies being stored on your hard drive, as mentioned in the appropriate banner by which you can expressly accept this policy.

Last updated: 25 May 2018


Mood Sunglasses, provides the following information regarding the cookies that may be installed on your device when you visit

We believe it is important to protect your privacy and to explain in a transparent way how we use your data. The purpose of this page is to keep you informed and allow you to consult the Site in peace.

This Mood Sunglasses Cookie Policy describes different types of cookies that may be used in connection with your browsing of the Site owned by our company, which is under our control and from which you are accessing this Cookie Policy, which explains how to manage them. This Cookie Policy is subject to change; any such change will become effective upon its posting on or through the Site.


Cookies are data created by a server that are stored in text files on the hard disk of the user's computer and allow the collection of information about the user's navigation on the website. For example, cookies may be permanently stored on your computer and have a variable duration (so-called persistent cookies), but they may also disappear when you close your browser or have a limited duration (so-called session cookies). Cookies can be installed by the site you are visiting (so-called first party cookies) or can be installed by other websites (so-called third party cookies).

More specifically, cookies may therefore have the following characteristics:

"Session" cookies

These cookies are stored on the user's computer or device for purely technical and functional reasons (e.g. for the transmission of session identifiers necessary to allow safe and efficient exploration of the site, etc.) and are deleted at the end of the session when the browser is closed.

"Persistent" cookies

These cookies remain stored on the hard disk of the user's computer or device until they expire or are deleted by the user himself, in order to satisfy functions in the interest of the navigators (for example: the use of the language of navigation, the registration of the cart in online purchases, etc.). Through persistent cookies, visitors who access the site (or any other users who use the same computer or device) are automatically recognized each time they visit.

"First part" or "third part" cookies

The two types of cookies described above may in turn be: "first party" when they are managed directly by the owner and / or manager of the website, or "third party" when they are prepared and managed by managers outside the website visited by the user. The latter fall under the direct and exclusive responsibility of the same operator and are divided into the following macro-categories:


Cookies are used to collect and analyze statistical information about accesses/visits to the website. In some cases, associated with other information such as credentials entered for access to restricted areas (eg: your email address and password), may be used to profile you (personal habits, sites visited, downloaded content, types of interactions, etc..). Widgets. This category includes all the graphic components of a program's user interface, which aims to facilitate user interaction with the program itself (e.g., widget cookies facebook, google +, twitter, etc..).


Cookies are cookies used to advertise on a website.


Below is a list of the different types of cookies that are used for the Site. Please note that to the extent that the information collected through cookies represents personal data, the provisions of the Privacy Policy apply.


Technical cookies are essential to the operation of the Site and allow you to navigate and use services and options. Without them, the Site would not be able to function as well as we would like and may not allow us to make it accessible for the purpose of providing certain services or options requested by you.


Type of cookie


How manage cookie


Session cookies are used to maintain the status of the application.

Set your browser to accept or reject them


This cookie is used to check the status of javascript implementation (active/not active) on the browser. Expires at the end of the session

Set your browser to accept or reject them


Allows Facebook to offer Facebook Products and understand the information received, including information about the use of other websites or apps.

For information on how to manage

Google Analytics

Google Analytics cookies collect aggregate statistical data in order to improve the presentation of the website and navigation. Google supplements the aggregated data with demographic data and information on personal interests, so that we can better profile our visitors.


As indicated in the tables in the previous section WHICH COOKIES WE WILL USE

Cookies may be owned by third parties, i.e. activated by Mood Sunglasses by its employees and/or affiliates, or by operators of other Internet sites. This Site uses both proprietary and third-party cookies.

The Site may contain direct links to third-party websites, linking to which third-party cookies may be stored on your computer or other device. Since we do not manage any of the third-party cookies used for these purposes, we recommend that you consult the third-party operator's website to clarify the relevant practices and control systems before clicking on the link on this Site.


Most browsers are set to automatically accept all cookies; the user has the option, at any time, to set their browser to: accept all cookies, accept only some or reject them, disabling their use by the sites. Furthermore, the user can normally set the preferences of his browser in such a way as to be notified whenever a cookie is stored in the memory of his computer.

Below are the links to manage your browser preferences:

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For more information about cookies and how to prevent them from being installed, you can visit the following website in English:

It should be noted, however, that the site Mood Sunglasses in case of non-acceptance of cookies, may not function properly or suffer a slowdown in the loading of pages. Finally, please note that at the end of each browsing session, the user can in any case delete from his hard disk both the cache memory of navigation, and the cookies collected.

Through this website, Mood Sunglasses does not use cookies for the transmission of personal information or systems for tracking users; moreover, the cookies used by Mood Sunglasses do not collect any data stored in the user's computer nor do they use first-part profiling cookies.

To delete cookies from your smartphone/tablet's internet browser, please refer to your device's user manual.