No day is the same as the previous one, so live it completely!
That's why Mood strongly believes in the importance of finding the perfect mood to wear!
What's your mood today?
Do you feel urban chic, elegant, rocker, biker, postmodern?
Wear your very own MOOD model and follow your dreams wherever they might take you!


The idea of creating Mood was born one sunny afternoon on a Californian beach by a couple of Italian designers on holiday.
There they began to wonder how to make the design and unique quality of Italian eyewear accessible to as many people as possible.

Once back in Italy, they involve other designers and craftsmen who choose to believe in their project.
From the vision of a team of young professionals comes Mood, sunglasses with an excellent fit and quality of materials combined with a refined style.

We are satisfied, only when you are satisfied!



Have your sunglasses always been an accessory to use only on special occasions and to be treated gently for fear to ruining or ,worse, destroying them?
CWith MOOD, you can feel free to wear them at any time of day, but above all, you will never have to worry about treating them with gloves again!

Our Mood sunglasses are tested and made by hand, one by one, so that they can last over time and it's always a pleasure to wear them!
We also guarantee the use of the best raw materials, both in terms of construction (with ultra-light and certified materials), both in terms of protection from harmful rays (100% anti UVB-UVA).

We have eliminated the additional costs due to the presence of intermediaries by choosing direct online sales, from the producer to the consumer.
In this way we can allow anyone to have sunglasses made with technical devices of the highest range at really cheaper prices.

Style, originality and comfort at an incredible price!

What are you waiting for to try them out yourself? Discover the models available, buy the one that suits you and let us know what you think! Your feedback is important to us to help us innovate and improve continuously.