When we talk about Hype we are talking about elegance and female personality, totally handcrafted and made in Italy.
At Hype we believe that every woman is unique, that's why in our sunglasses the concept of femininity is declined in various and multiple facets.
Don't try to look like someone else. Let yourself be inspired by the style icons of the past and become what you've always wanted to be.
Give yourself a pair of Hype and rediscover you as a ironic, mysterious, romantic and sensual woman or more simply yourself.


We are the brothers Renato and Corrado Merlo and our family has been producing glasses since 1948. Many things have changed from those years to the present day: but never the dedication and passion that we put into our work.
The company Moa Ottica, founded by our grandfather Giuseppe Maffizoli in the province of Brescia, has created sunglasses for famous brands in the fashion world including Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent and others.
In 2013 we created our very own line of Hype sunglasses, with the aim of making our luxury handcrafted products accessible to the largest number of customers.
Because of our history we had no choice except to choose Italy as the place where to make our glasses. Here where manual skill and ability are still present, with an excellence that everyone envies us. Here where the attention to detail is very important.



The term Hype is actually a play on words: in English it means exaggeration in the sense of hyperbola, but in italian exaggeration and frame are wrote in the same way. Hype glasses are exaggerated both in terms of speed and accuracy of execution, both for the high quality choices of materials used.
In creating our models we were inspired by the greatest female icons of the past, combining contemporary design with a vintage soul.
IOur Hype sunglasses are beautiful, green oriented and highly protective. The frames are made with metal inserts and cellulose acetate, anallergic material derived from cotton and wood. Great importance is attached to protecting the eyes from the sun's rays, thanks to the use of Carl Zeiss lenses, renowned for their purity and optical quality.
Last but not least, the choice to create glasses that, thanks to their high quality craftsmanship, distinguish us from the crowd, making us unique.